Parents Conversation Circles

Community Christian Church is partnering with ParentsMatterToo to help parents in our community. Parents who want to learn how to talk to their children about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse or social pressures now have it in a series of parent groups called Conversation Circles. Circles are intended for parents to discuss topics related to: drugs, alcohol, depression, bullying, cybercrime, competition, overscheduling, perfectionism, family relationships, stress, and anxiety.

Conversation Circles are available for parents of children at all ages from preschool through the teen years. Specialty groups are available as well for parents of children who have been sexually assaulted or are in recovery. Conversation Circle facilitators have completed ParentsMatterToo training and include therapists, parent educators, and business leaders. Circles meet for three consecutive weeks for 90 minutes each time.
• Week 1 – Awareness of Family Values
• Week 2 – Acceptance of Child’s Uniqueness
• Week 3 – Action to Build Parent-Child Relationships

All classes are free. Registration is now open.

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