Student Community – StuCo

We are young, but we are known for so much more than being young. We carry a passion and a hope for what is to come and what should be. Student Community (StuCo) is more than a gathering, it is a movement toward helping students find their way back to God. In fact, we believe that StuCo could be the most influential force in our community, so we are set on challenging students to grow in there key relationships:  with God on a daily basis, with each other for encouragement and accountability, and with the world to restore God’s dream for all of creation. We do this through weekly gatherings, relational small groups, serving opportunities, and life-changing special events and retreats.

Depending on your campus, StuCo meets at different days, times and locations. For up to date information, check your Location page or contact the Student Community Director,  Jordan Biere

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