Big Idea Bible Reading Plan


Next Level friendships help us grow in our relationship with God.

This Bible Reading Plan will follow along with each week’s Big Idea for the Next Level series. This series will challenge us to develop friendships that go below the surface to places of trust, vulnerability, and iron-sharpening-iron growth. Next Level friendships help us grow in our relationship with God.

This plan covers Nov 20 – Dec 8, 2017.  See below to download this plan or sign up to have it delivered to your inbox.

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Next Level Reading Plan

Bible Reading Plan
Nov 20 – Dec 8, 2017

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Part of our journey as 3C Christ-followers includes celebrating our relationship with God by regularly spending time in His word. To assist you, one of the tools COMMUNITY provides is the Bible Reading Plan. Five days a week, a passage of scripture has been selected that will allow you to read the Bible in small doses. As you read, reflect on what you have read and be sure to journal your thoughts. A suggested method to use is Read, Reflect and Respond:


Slowly, thoughtfully read God’s Word. Read the passage more than once. Notice a word, phrase or verse that sticks out and write it down.


Is there a command to obey?
Is there a promise to claim?
Is there a sin to avoid?
Is there a lesson to learn?
Is there a new truth to carry?
Why do you think this passage stood out to you? Write out a few sentences on what you think you’re hearing from God.


How will you respond? Write a short prayer to God In response to what you just heard him say through his Word. Thank Him for speaking to you.