Community Cares and Community 4:12 have been united under one umbrella.

Donate Food or Give Online

Join Community Cares in blessing 100 families with a full Thanksgiving dinner! Whether you’re interested in providing a turkey through an online monetary donation ($25) or grabbing a location-specific item to drop at your facility, let’s join together and #bethechurch for our neighbors this holiday season. The collection begins October 25 and runs through November 15.

1. Join a COMMUNITY Cares team

While this time of social distancing can be overwhelming, let us not forget to do good and share with others (Heb 13:16). Click below for a list of opportunities to serve those in need. From praying to running errands, there is a Community Cares mobilizing team for you to contribute on. As you serve your community, spread the word by sharing photos and stories with #CommunityCares.

2. B.L.E.S.S. your community

Begin with prayer
Pray for your neighbors. Refer to and go on a prayer walk through your neighborhood.

Since you can’t go out and talk to people, utilize the news and social media. Ask, “What do you need?” in facebook groups, the nextdoor app, the patch, etc. and listen to needs mentioned in your local news.

Provide food via a food delivery app.

Social distancing regulations means we can serve others in creative ways: Write a thank you note to your local grocer, first responders, etc., share toilet paper or other supplies with your neighbors, call someone who may be lonely, buy groceries for your neighbor who can’t leave, invite people to join an online service & daily devotional, etc.

Let’s commit to sharing some good news! Use #BeTheChurch to share pictures and stories of acts of love and service.

Let us carry each other’s burdens. Let us serve the vulnerable, the lonely and the sick. Let us #BeTheChurch.

Community 412 has been united with Community Cares

Combining Community Cares teams with our Community 4:12 partnerships will position us to catalyze restoration in our communities in new and exciting ways. Community Cares will work to work to provide relief by meeting the immediate needs of our community, develop people through nurturing relationships and work towards systemic transformation in areas of education, race, poverty and incarceration.

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