Hesed House Serving Opportunity in Aurora

Every month we serve the residents of Hesed House by preparing a homecooked meal. You can dice, chop, and bake in your home kitchen or join us at Hesed House. Our goal is to provide the love, value, and encouragement of a home-cooked meal.

We provide a meal on the third Tuesday of every month. Sign up below and choose how you’d like to participate.

If you are providing a meal

  • Please deliver your hot and ready-to-serve meal in a disposable aluminum pan to the Naperville Yellow Box (1635 Emerson Lane, Naperville) main entrance at 4:30 pm on our serving date.  Our delivery vehicles will leave promptly at 5pm.

If you are joining us at Hesed House

  • If you are joining us at Hesed House to serve the meal, please arrive by 5:30pm. You can park on the west side of the complex and meet us inside.NOTE:  If you have also volunteered to provide a portion of the meal, we assume you are bringing the food with you; no need to drop it off early at the Naperville Location Yellow Box.
  • PLEASE NOTE:  Everyone who volunteers at Hesed House must fill out a volunteer profile here: https://www.hesedhouse.org/volunteer-profile/