Are You a Disciple

Week 2 | Disciples Obey God’s Word

Jan 14, 2024

Big Idea

Disciples of Jesus are identified by their allegiance to Jesus and obedience to his commands.


John 8:31-36 and John 14:15-21


During our current 4-week series, we will challenge one another to ask ourselves, “Am I a disciple? Are the qualities that Jesus says mark a disciple evident in my life?” Our prayer is that you’ll be both inspired and equipped to live as a disciple of Jesus in 2024.

Opening Question

How is the beginning of our 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting going for you? Share anything God has shown you during your additional time with Him this week. If you have yet to start, grace to you! It’s never too late to begin.

Bible Discussion

  1. Read John 8:31-36. How does holding to Jesus’ teachings affect our being disciples, according to verse 31? How does truth play a role in the freedom mentioned in verse 32?
  2. Jesus shares beautiful and powerful promises in John 14:15-21. What part of these passages stands out to you the most? How do we show our love of Jesus according to verse 21?
  3. Reflect on the idea that Jesus will not leave his followers as orphans, as stated in John 14:18. How does this promise impact you today?

Life Application

  1. In a popular TED talk, psychologist Barry Schwartz pointed to a picture of a fish in a fishbowl and pointed out: “If you shatter the fishbowl so that everything is possible, you don’t have freedom. You have disaster. Everybody needs a fishbowl. The absence of a metaphorical fishbowl is a recipe for misery and disaster.” Do you agree or disagree, and why?
  2.  In what area of your life is Jesus calling you to trust him and obey? Will you take that next step of obedience? One way to put this into action is having a YOU+ Discipleship Conversation. That’s why we are encouraging everyone to take the intentional step of having a YOU+ Discipleship Conversation as we start this new year. You can have this conversation with a friend in your small group, a family member, or a mentor. If you aren’t sure who to have the conversation with, you will be given the opportunity to let us know when you go through the YOU+ Devotional. The purpose of this conversation is simply to help you discern how God is speaking to you and what next steps He is calling you to take in each of the Three Connections (YOU+ God, YOU+ the Church and YOU+ the World) . Begin the process by engaging in the YOU+ Devotional at