Are You a Disciple

Week 4 | Disciples Make Disciples

Jan 28, 2024

Big Idea

Disciples of Jesus are identified by their commitment to making more disciples.


Matthew 28:16-20 and Acts 8:26-40


During our current 4-week series, we will challenge one another to ask ourselves, “am I a disciple? Are the qualities that Jesus says mark a disciple evident in my life?” Our prayer is that you’ll be both inspired and equipped to live as a disciple of Jesus in 2024.

Opening Question

What is your favorite “go to” destination where you find the most joy? It could be as close as your backyard or as far away as another country. What makes it special for you?

Bible Discussion

  1. Read Matthew 28:16-20. What are the four action words that Jesus uses in this passage? How do these four action words guide and shape our mission of helping people find their way back to God? How do you see these action words play out in your personal context?
  2. How does the promise of Jesus’ presence with us always impact your understanding of Matthew 28:16-20, often called the Great Commission?
  3. Read Acts 8:26-40, a powerful example of the Great Commission in action. What part of this story stands out to you the most, and why? How does Phillip’s approach to sharing the Gospel provide insight into effective ways to help people find their way back to God??

Life Application

  1. Imagine the rush of emotions that Jesus’ disciples felt in Matthew 28:17 as they saw Jesus on the mountain just weeks after his death and resurrection. Share how you might feel in their shoes (or sandals).
  2. Have you experienced an opportunity similar to what Phillip had in Acts 8:26-40? If so, share the story as an encouragement to your group. If not, do you have someone in your life that God is sending you to go to and share the Good News of Jesus and be baptized? Or perhaps God is calling you to be baptized? If so, will you consider taking that next step, whether it’s taking the Baptism Class or finding out when the next Baptism Sunday is?
  3. Our 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting have concluded! Share any insight God has opened your eyes and heart to from your experience.
  4. A YOU+ Discipleship Conversation is a simple and practical way to live out Jesus’ call to make disciples. If you have yet to do this, now is the time! Begin with the YOU+ Devotional at