Big Idea Series – Breakthrough

Week 3 – Breakthrough in Places

Nov 3 – Nov 9, 2019

Message Big Idea

The Spirit brings breakthrough in specific places in specific ways.


Acts 17:16-34

Icebreaker & Opening Thought

  1. What is one place, besides your home that you like to spend your time? Why?
  2. The places we live, work, play, and gather as a church are unique to us. They are filled with memories from the past and potential memories we hope to make in the future. We want to pay attention to the places in our lives and ask God for a breakthrough in those places. What good things do you hope to for the places in your life?

Bible Discussion

  1. Read Acts 17:16-34. In what ways does Paul listen to and interact with the place of Athens?
  2. What do you think of the way Paul interacts with the people there? Consult the leader’s guide to see the various ways he altered his approach to reach the people there.
  3. What might we learn from Paul’s approach to this place?

Life Application

If we want to listen to the places around us, it might help to think through the four Ps.

  • Power – places of influence (government, HOA’s, or school boards)
  • Pennies – What kind of jobs make up the local economy, and how does it impact the people who live there.
  • Parties – How does the community celebrate? (sports, art, popular restaurants)
  • Pain – What drains the life out of the community?
  1. In what ways are you tuned into the four P’s where you live, work, and play?
  2. How could you be more tuned into the places of your life, and how could you engage them in a way that helps people find their way back to God?
  3. What does your community need? What could you do or your neighborhood do address the needs of your community?


God wants to use you and me in whatever places we inhabit every day of our lives. He chose us to fulfill his mission, not just pastors and small group leaders, but every single person in his church. Let’s be intentional about the way we engage our places. Let’s listen and pay attention and then serve others when we have the opportunity. That’s on an individual level, and God also wants to use our collective effort to reach our current places and new places. So please be praying how you can be a part of that effort on November 17 for Commitment Sunday. God wants to use our whole church to help more people find their way back to God.