Created for Community

Week 3 | The World Needs (More!) Biblical Communities

April 10, 2022

Big Idea

We advance the Jesus Mission when we reproduce small groups. That means reproducing Christ-followers, apprentices, leaders, and small groups!


Luke 6:12-16, 2 Timothy 2:1-2

Opening Questions

  1. B.L.E.S.S. Question: Who is someone you’ve been praying for this week that you’d like to B.L.E.S.S.?
  2. If you could bring one person with you to work for a day, who would it be and why?

Bible Discussion

  1. Read Luke 6:12-13. How we spend our time with others can make a big difference in helping people become apprentices to Jesus. One study of the Gospels found that Jesus spent three times as much time with his disciples than he did with the crowds that were following him. Why? He wanted to invest in them and help them be leaders. Why do you suppose that was his strategy?
  2. Read 2 Timothy 2:1-2. How does Paul envision the message of Jesus getting passed on to each generation?

Life Application

  1. Our vision for our church is to be a reproducing church that reproduces small groups and small group leaders by inviting people to become small group apprentices? What comes into your mind when you hear the word apprentice?
  2. What is the value of reproducing leaders and groups?
  3. What have you often thought would be necessary for someone to be a small group leader?
  4. The three must-haves of small group leadership apprenticeship are spiritual velocity, teachability, and relational intelligence. Why would those be necessary for small group leadership?
  5. We teach the principle that there are five steps of apprenticeship. Review those steps below. Why is each step valuable?
  • Step 1 – I do. You watch. We talk.
  • Step 2 – I do. You help. We talk.
  • Step 3 – You do. I help. We talk.
  • Step 4 – You do. I watch. We talk.
  • Step 5 – You do. Someone else watches.
  1. In what ways could our group take a step toward reproducing? In what ways could you take a step toward leadership in our group or other areas of leadership within our church? One next step would be to become a small group apprentice with kids, students, or adults. For more information fill out our form here.