Send Me | Jan 29 – Feb 4, 2017

Series Big Idea

God’s dream for you is to be a fully engaged Christ-follower, to be on adventure with Jesus that is daring, life-changing, full of purpose. If you’re ready for something more, start praying dangerous prayers.

Message Big Idea

Lord, send me so that I can be a blessing to the world.


Isaiah 6:1-8, Ephesians 2:1-10

Icebreaker and Opening Thought

Have you ever gone somewhere and then wondered what you’d gotten yourself into? Where was it and what was the situation?

Bible Discussion

1. Read Isaiah 6:1-8 out loud. What did you notice about this passage?

2. Read Ephesians 2:1-10 out loud. According to this passage, what is the relationship between grace and works?

Life Application

3. Have you ever felt ‘sent’ to something in life? A school, a job, a person, a neighborhood? If so, what was it like?

4. In your Christian experience, what kind of emphasis has been placed on Christ followers being sent out into the world?

5. What’s so dangerous about this prayer of “send me”? What stops us from praying it?

6. In what areas of your life could you find good works to do, maybe using the B (begin with prayer) L (listen) E (eat) S (serve) S (story) principles?


Like Isaiah we live in an uncertain, pain-filled world. We know sometimes that being sent by God won’t be easy, but we’d challenge you to start praying for God to send you. Maybe you already know where you’re being sent to and it’s a matter of taking up your courage, or maybe you have no idea. Ask God for wisdom, courage, and vision. Pray “Send me” and see what happens!