Week 5 | When we encounter Jesus

Mar 31, 2024

Big Idea

Jesus’ resurrection transforms fear into confident hope.


Mark 16:1-8, Mark 16:9-11, and Mark 16:12-20


In our current series, we will examine real-life encounters with Jesus documented in the Book of Mark. Our prayer is that you’ll encounter Jesus in a personal way as we study this book together.

Opening Questions

HE IS RISEN! HE IS RISEN INDEED! Happy Easter week! Share your favorite Easter memory from this past weekend or when you were younger. What made it special for you?

Bible Discussion

  1. Read Mark 16:1-8. What is the significance of the women coming to the tomb to anoint Jesus’ body with spices? Explore the emotions expressed by the women as they approach the tomb. How do these emotions evolve throughout the passage?
  2. What follows is amazing! Read Mark 16:9-11. How is Mary’s fear transformed into faith? Why do you think the disciples initially do not believe Mary? How does this passage challenge us to trust other’s God stories, even when it goes against our expectations or preconceptions?
  3. Read the end passage in the Gospel of Mark, verses 12-20. Despite some of the disciples’ initial disbelief, Jesus still commissions them to “preach the gospel to all creation” and lists “signs” that “will accompany those who believe.” How does this encourage and challenge you today?
  4. How do verses 19-20 inspire us to trust Jesus’s continuing presence and work in and through his church and people today?

Life Application

  1. Put yourself in the women’s shoes as they approach the tomb. Can you relate to how they were feeling? How would you react to the angel and what he shared?
  2. Do you know what the most frequent command in the Bible is? “Do not be afraid.” God knew we would struggle with fear. What fear(s) are you struggling with today?
  3. Mary was afraid, but then she had a personal encounter with Jesus, which empowered her to choose faith over fear. Have you had a similar encounter with Jesus? If so, share your experience. End your group time in prayer, asking God to transform any fear into confident hope, the hope we have in Jesus and his resurrection power. HE IS RISEN! HE IS RISEN INDEED!