Her Story – Women & The Bible

Week 1 | The Church Needs “Phoebes”

May 12, 2024

Big Idea

The church needs “Phoebes”, women who are co-equals and co-laborers in furthering the mission of Jesus.


Romans 16:1-2 and 1 Peter 4:10-11


In this new series, we’ll tell the stories of women in the Bible to inspire and encourage all of us to follow their

Opening Question

  • Spring has arrived! What is your favorite thing about the spring season?

Bible Discussion

  1. Read Romans 16:1-2. Who was Phoebe? What can we learn about the role of women in the early Christian church from Phoebe’s commendation by Paul?
  2. How do you think Phoebe helped Paul and others, as Paul states in verse 2? How can this inspire us today?
  3. Read 1 Peter 4:10-11. What do you think it means to use our “gifts” to serve others? How can we identify and develop the gifts or talents that God has given us for the benefit of others?
  4. According to Peter in verse 11, what is the ultimate purpose of using our gifts to serve others?

Life Application

  1. What has been your perspective about women using their gifts in the church? How about women in leadership?
  2. Do you know the gifts God has given you? If so, how did you discover them? Have you been able to use them to help others and bring glory and praise to God? Share how that experience has been for you as an encouragement to those who have yet to discover their gifts.
  3. If we chose to intentionally bless those in need in our community as Phoebe did, what kind of difference could you make with the resources that you have? End your group time in prayer, asking God to make us mindful of the opportunities to bless others, just as Phoebe did, and give us the courage and compassion to act on those opportunities to bring Him glory and praise.