Bedroom | May 7 – May 13, 2017

Series Big Idea

God’s wisdom, understanding, and knowledge can help us build rare and beautiful relationships.

Message Big Idea

Knowing God’s design builds life-giving intimacy.


Genesis 2:4-25 and Matthew 5:27-30

Ice Breaker and Opening Thoughts

1. What kind of “birds and bees” talk (if any) did you get while growing up? How helpful was it?
2. Who in your life has modeled the best relationship? Have you ever met a couple whose relationship felt more consumeristic than loving? What was it like?

Bible Discussion

3. Genesis 2:4-25, what stood out to you? What struck you?
4. How is the relationship between the man and the woman portrayed in this passage?
5. Read Matthew 5:27-30, what stood out to you? What struck you?
6. What does it mean to lust? Is it always related to sex?

Life Application

7. Genesis 2 sets up the ideal intimate relationship while the Matthew 5 passage warns against the brokenness that occurs in consumer-based relationships. How does God’s view of intimacy differ from our culture’s view of intimacy?
8. How would you define a covenant relationship? (hint: sex is just a small part of it)
9. How can we build intimate, deep relationships without sex? Can other types of relationships foster being complete and whole?


Both men and women, married and single, need accountability and support when it comes to sex and lust. How can the church better support women and men in this endeavor, encouraging them to live out God’s plan for sex? What can you do in your close relationships to better support and encourage one another?