Know Thyself

Week 3 | Overcoming the Affirmation Addiction

Oct 2, 2022

Big Idea

I am loved and valued for who I am, not for what others think about me.


Luke 4:9-13, Ephesians 4:22-24

Opening Questions

  1. How have you been able to B.L.E.S.S. someone recently?
  2. Have each group member write their name and three statements about themselves on their phone or a sheet of paper. Two of the statements must be true, and one of the statements must be a lie. Have each person read their statements and see if the group can determine which statement is the lie for each person.

Bible Discussion

  1. Read Luke 4:9-13. The temptation Jesus faced was to stop trusting his Father and act alone. This is at the heart of all temptation; it is the suspicion that God isn’t enough – that there must be something or someone else out there that can more fully satisfy our heart desires. We may be tempted to worry too much about what other people think. In doing this, we stop trusting God’s words and believe we need other people’s approval. Why do you think we continually struggle with this lie?
  2. Read Ephesians 4:22-24 about the true self. The passage says to put on the new self or the “true self.” The true self is different from the old self and the false self of selflessness. Read the descriptions of “selves” below and discuss how to live according to your true self. What is the true self, and how can we make steps to live according to it?
a. The old self says, “I’m the only one that matters.”
b. A false self practicing selflessness says, “Only other people matter.”
c. The true self is everything we are in Jesus.

Life Application

  1. The early church father Augustine once said in his confessions, “How can you draw close to God when you are far from your own self?” Grant, Lord, that I may know myself that I may know thee.” What do you think about Augustine’s statement about knowing ourselves? How does our ability to know ourselves impact our ability to know God?
  2. Living your God-given life involves remaining faithful to your true self. It means learning to distinguish your true self from the voices around you and learning to walk in the unique vision, calling, and mission God has for us. We experience freedom when we refuse to believe the popularity lies and instead believe what God has said about us, that we are his child, in whom he is well pleased. How can you live with a greater awareness of that reality this week?