Healing Memories | Apr 15 – 21, 2018

Series Big Idea

This series will challenge us to take a big-picture view on what truly matters: our most important relationships.

Message Big Idea

Forgiveness is the path to healing memories.


Genesis 12:10-13, Genesis 26:1-11 Genesis 27:18-29, Genesis 37:16-20, 26-32, & Exodus 34:6-7

Ice Breaker

What is your weirdest family tradition? What family traditions have you kept?

Opening Thought

Christian author, Peter Scazarro says, “Jesus may be in your heart but grandpa is in your bones.” What do you think that means? How do both influences (Jesus & Grandpa) impact the way we relate to each other?

Bible Discussion

  1. Read the following passages: Genesis 12:10-13, Genesis 27:18-29, Genesis 37:16-20, 26-32. Keep the family tree in mind as you read them: Abraham (Great Grandfather) Isaac (Grandfather) Jacob (Father) Joseph & Brothers (grandsons). What generational patterns of sin do you see in the family? How difficult or easy do you think it is for patterns to be passed from one generation to another?
  2. Read Exodus 34:6-7. In light of the generational patterns you discussed in Abraham’s family, how do you interpret this passage? How has Jacob (3rd generation) and Joseph & his brothers (4th generation) been influenced by Abraham’s (1st generation) sin?

Life Application

  1. How did your family define success or failure? How did that impact you growing up?
  2. When we think about generational patterns we often think of addiction or abuse. Yet some generational patterns like fear and silence are much more subtle. What subtle generational patterns did you see in your extended family?
  3. Every family has significant events that sent shock waves through the family; depression, divorce, premature death, etc. As you look at your extended family, what earthquake events do you see? How did they affect your family?
  4. Generational patterns are thoughts, attitudes, and learned behaviors that have been passed down through our family history. How might being aware of them influence your behavior in the future?


Over the next week, reflect on a painful memory in your past. Consider how generational patterns contributed to the situation. Contemplate steps you need to take to be released from that generational pattern and ask God to forgive those who have hurt you. Allow God to redeem the situation by helping you to instill positive generational patterns that will be repeated for generations to come.