The Power of ONE Mission | Feb 26 – March 4, 2017

Series Big Idea

The power of ONE church family carrying out ONE vision will allow us to accomplish the ONE mission together.

Message Big Idea

ONE Mission has the power to impact the entire world.


Genesis 12:1-5; Genesis 15:1-6

Ice Breaker and Opening Thought

1. How does the idea of picking up and starting over somewhere new sound to you?

2. Talk about a time you made a big move – what were you excited about? What scared you?

Bible Discussion

3. Spend some time and read Genesis 12:1-5 and Genesis 15:1-6. What struck you from the readings?

4. In these passages we see God make a promise to Abram. What was God’s promise to Abram? What kind of impact could a promise like that make in our lives?

Life Application

5. God promised Abram a large family to carry out the mission. As a church we are part of that same spiritual family and mission. In what ways have you seen our church family come together to accomplish something great?

6. What are some reasons that we so often attempt to get through tough times on our own rather than asking God for help?


COMMUNITY’s mission statement is Helping People Find Their Way Back to God. How are you and/or your small group carrying out COMMUNITY’s mission? What are some ways you could support one another in this mission?