Message Series – Pray Like This

Week 2 – Your Kingdom Come

May 17-23, 2020

Message Big Idea

Intercession is coming to the Father to ask for the needs of others.


Matthew 6:10, Acts 12:1-19

Ice Breaker

Since the stay at home order, what have been the unexpected joys you’ve experienced?

Opening Thought

We’re in week 2 of our series “Pray Like This” based on the Lord’s prayer. Jesus’ disciples recognized that prayer for his life and ministry. Last week we covered the first line of the Lord’s prayer where Jesus teaches us to adore God. This week, we’re looking at the second line of the Lord’s prayer. The practice of coming to God with the needs of other people or communities is called Intercessory Prayer.

Bible Discussion

  1. Read Matthew 6:10. What do you think it means for God’s Kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven? What questions, if any, does that raise for you?
  2. Read Acts 12:1-19. Talk about an answered prayer! How do you imagine Peter as he had this experience? What about Rhoda that answered the door when he knocked?

Life Application

  1. Prayers of Intercession are those prayers we say on behalf of others. How frequently would you say you pray in this way? Explain.
  2. Have you ever had a BIG dream, goal, or problem that you thought only a miracle could make it happen or solve it? How challenging is it for you to pray for God to do those big things (or even little dreams)?
  3. Where would you like to see God’s Kingdom come in your personal life and in the communities where you are a member?
  4. How can we pray boldly and intercede on behalf of others and our community?


Let’s pray and act as we go forward in our lives this week. N.T. Wright said, “We are praying for the redemption of the world”. Intercessory prayer is us joining with God to bring more and more of his Kingdom here to earth. Let’s bring the needs of our community and world to God. Let’s share next week how we see God answering prayers.