Recalibrate | Aug 5 – Aug 11, 2018

Series Big Idea

Worship recalibrates our hearts to God.

Message Big Idea

Through worship, we remember who God is and who we are.


1 Samuel 7:2-3, Nehemiah 9:16-18; Joshua 4:4-7

Ice Breaker & Opening Thought

  1. Tell a story about a time you were forgetful. What happened? Was it funny, infuriating, or both?
  2. English author Samuel Johnson once said, “People need to be reminded more often than they need to be instructed?” What do you think Johnson meant by this statement? How does that apply to our relationships with God and others?

Bible Discussion

  1. Read Nehemiah 9:16-18. What do you notice in these passages about the people?
  2. In what ways is God portrayed in these verses?
  3. Read Joshua 4:4-7. Setting up a standing stone was a common practice in ancient Israel. Their purpose was to remind the people of the faithfulness of God. What moments could you point to that serve as a standing stone in your life and faith?

Life Application

  1. It might be easy to look down our noses at the Israelites and all the ways they forget to follow and obey God, yet we can also be forgetful and fail to follow God fully. In what ways do forget to follow Jesus?
  2. We can also forget what Scripture has to say about our position in God’s Kingdom. Which of the following passages do you tend to forget? Which is the one you most need to hear most right now?
  • You are a child of God. -John 1:12
  • You are a friend of Jesus. -John 15:15
  • You are no longer a slave to sin. -Romans 6:6
  • You are accepted by Christ. -Romans 15:7
  • You are a new creation in Christ. -2 Corinthians 5:17
  • You are chosen, holy, and blameless before God. -Ephesians 1:4
  • You are loved. -1 John 4:10
  1. How can you be helpful to one another this week to remember these essential truths?


Spend time in prayer, asking God to help you see the ways you are drifting. Then commit to recalibrating your life to God’s ways and priorities, not our own. Find three ways to worship this week outside of a Sunday worship experience.