Searching for Answers

Week 1 | How do I deal with Anxiety?

Sept 12-18, 2021

Big Idea

How do I deal with anxiety? Reach out for help and find hope and peace.


Philippians 4:4-8, John 14:27

Icebreaker & Opening Thought

  1. What makes you smile regularly?
  2. Everyone experiences some form of anxiety that ranges from “everyday worry” to “clinical anxiety.” What makes you feel anxious occasionally or regularly? What do you do when you are feeling anxious? Where do you feel anxiety in your body?

Bible Discussion

  1. Read Philippians 4:4-8. What do you notice about this passage? What questions/feelings does it raise for you?
  2. We might think this passage is encouraging us to “drop” all of our anxieties and forget about them – as if anxiety is “filling up a cup” and we just need to dump it out and fill it with faith instead. However, it is instructive to see our anxiety like weights on a scale and the promises of Scripture like a counterweight to our anxiety. By acknowledging our anxious thoughts and considering our counterweights (additional counterweights are: may include medication, counseling, etc.), we can better manage how we’re feeling. How does this “counterweight idea change how you think about anxiety?

Life Application

  1. The practice of gratitude is a helpful way to combat feelings of anxiety and depression. What has been your experience practicing gratitude? Why do you think this is helpful?
  2. Philippians 4 encourages us to meditate on what is good and noble. Look again at the list of virtues in vs. 8. What is one thing from the last week that fits one of those? For example: what is one praiseworthy thing you experienced this week?
  3. In verse 6, it says to bring everything to God in prayer. What big or small things can we pray about right now?
  4. This week, let’s commit to writing down three reasons we are grateful every day; let’s talk about that experience next week.