The Book of Philippians

Chapter 1 | Pledge Your Allegiance to Jesus

July 31, 2022

Big Idea

Our allegiance is to Jesus and his Kingdom, and we aim to continually mature in our faith as his followers.


Philippians 1:1-30

Opening Questions

  1. How have you been able to B.L.E.S.S. someone recently?
  2. What’s your favorite subject to discuss? Why?

Bible Discussion

  1. Read Philippians 1:1-30. What stood out to you?
  2. What questions did these passages raise for you?
  3. Look at verses 1:1-2. Paul refers to himself as a servant who had willingly surrendered his entire life to Jesus. In what ways do you see him express that through this letter?

Life Application

  1. Another word for what we see Paul expressing is “faith” in Jesus. We might be tempted to think of faith in Jesus as believing statements about Jesus. However, the notion of faith in Jesus is better captured by using the word “allegiance” or “allegiance to the way of Jesus.” What is the difference between “believing statements about Jesus” and “giving your allegiance” to Jesus?
  2. Reread verses 1:3-6. Paul says God will complete what he started in us. What are you longing for God to complete in you?
  3. Reread verses 1:27-28. He says, “Whatever happens, conduct yourself in a manner worthy of the Gospel.” What were the challenges Paul faced? What pulls you away from allegiance to Jesus? How could you lean into this series on Philippians over the next four weeks?