Big Idea Series – This Changes Everything

Week 3 – Be With Jesus

Sept 29 – Oct 5, 2019

Message Big Idea

An apprentice of Jesus chooses to be with Jesus.


John 15:1-10, John 1:35-39, John 14:16-18, John 14:25-27


Who is your favorite person to spend time with and why?

Bible Discussion

  1. Read John 15:1-10. What is your first impression of the passage?
  2. What does Jesus mean when he tells them, “No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine”? What do you think the fruit represents?
  3. Read John 14:16-18 and 25-27. We can think of Jesus as our teacher, who is the master of life. The Holy Spirit is then our live-in-tutor. If that’s true about Jesus and the Spirit, what does that mean for us today?

Life Application

  1. How might our everyday interactions and experiences be changed if we can be present with Jesus all the time? Where do you need that most in your life?
  2. We can learn to live with a constant awareness of God. What are some practical ways you can be more intentional about living with an awareness of God’s presence?


Pastor and author, A.W. Tozer, once said, “The Spirit-filled life is not a special deluxe edition of Christianity. It is part and parcel of the total plan of God for his people.” As you approach each day this week, consider focusing on being intentional about being present with Jesus and allowing the Holy Spirit to work through you and guide you. Next week let’s share what kind of difference this made in us.