Promise | June 18 – June 24, 2017

Series Big Idea

Though Joseph lived through so many messed up experiences, the Lord was with him and his life became a model of integrity and grace.

Message Big Idea

No matter what we’ve done or what’s been done to us, we’re never disqualified from living a life of promise.


Genesis 37

Ice Breaker

1.Share your most recent or most vivid dream you have had.

Bible Discussion

2. Read Genesis chapter 37. If you have time read this chapter in a few different versions like the NIV, MSG, AMP, or KJV. What stood out to you or struck you?
3.What are some of the low lights, or dysfunctional parts of the story?
4.What are some of the highlights?
5.What types of people and scenarios is God working through in this passage?

Life Application

6. Does Joseph’s story help you trust God more? And if so, how?
7.Have you ever heard of or experienced God working through an unlikely circumstance? Describe.
8.In what ways do you see God working in and through your own dysfunctional story?
9.Have you ever felt like some of your choices in life disqualify you from experiencing some of God’s promises? Or even that it’s too late to experience them? In what ways have you experienced this?


Watch the movie or Broadway version of “Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat.” Become familiar with the artistic expression of Joseph’s story. Or read Joseph’s story in Genesis starting in Chapter 37. We will be using his story for four weeks of the Big Idea message series “That’s Messed Up.”