Identify | Aug 26 – Sept 1, 2018

Series Big Idea

We want to be a community of people who are on mission together so that more and more people accept Jesus’ invitation and find their way back to God.

Message Big Idea

Invitation starts with identifying people who we know who might be ready to receive Jesus’s invitation.


John 4:1-19, 25-42

Ice Breaker and Opening Thought

  1. Share with the group about a time you lost something or maybe when you’ve been lost?
  2. Share about your first small group experience. What made you first decide to join a small group?

Bible Discussion

  1. Read John 4:1-19, 25-42. What did you notice for the first time or what questions do you have?
  2. The woman at the well was trying to quench her physical thirst, but Jesus speaks of a deeper thirst that goes beyond our physical need for water. What longings do people have that go beyond physical thirst?
  3. What are all the different ways we try to quench our thirst today? How might those be different from what Jesus has to say?

Life Application

  1. What are some ways our attempts at satisfying our longings can lead to isolation? What might lead to connection instead?
  2. The Gospel writer, John, doesn’t tell us if the Samaritan woman ever decided to drink the living water Jesus was offering, but she was invited nonetheless. How have you been invited into a thirst-quenching relationship with Jesus?
  3. On a scale from 1-10, how comfortable are you at sharing with others about your spiritual journey? Explain. How comfortable are you in inviting someone to church?


Show Up Sunday is an annual initiative aimed at helping people find their way back to God. We aren’t merely inviting people to fill up our worship space on Sunday; we invite people to connect with our community because we are extending Jesus’ invitation to find satisfaction in him. So, who are five people you could invite to join you on Show Up Sunday on September 16? Close your group time by writing the names on a card and commit to praying for each person.