The Jesus I Never Knew

Week 3 – I Always Have Room to Grow

Apr 11 – 17, 2021

Big Idea

Following Jesus in his way of being human means continually taking next steps to grow as his apprentices.


Luke 2:41-52

Ice Breaker

Share a “Home Alone” story – have you ever been left behind or accidentally left someone else behind?

Opening Thought

Growth is a necessary part of human development. We are born completely helpless and must learn to develop the necessary skills, strength, knowledge, and abilities to survive independently. To be human is to grow. This was true for Jesus as well. We know from scripture that his growth was in areas of his relational, physical, mental, and spiritual development. How can we learn from Jesus so that we, too, may continue to grow in these areas of our life?

Bible Discussion

  1. Read Luke 2:41-52 together as a group. What part of the story stands out to you? Why?
  2. Focus on verses 48-51. Describe what happens between Jesus and his parents in your own words. What do you think Mary and Joseph were feeling and thinking?
  3. Re-read verse 51. What does this verse tell us about Jesus?
  4. In reading this story, what do we learn about Jesus’ growth? Are there examples of relational, physical, mental, and spiritual growth for him in these verses?

Life Application

  1. Discuss the four areas of growth we are examining: relational, physical, mental, and spiritual. What does each area represent?
  2. What area have you experienced the most growth in recently? What area do you feel you have the most room for growth? Why?
  3. Discuss what things may stunt your growth in any one area. Brainstorm as a group ways to avoid or overcome those obstacles.


Check out the RPMS page and review the four key areas of growth. As you go through this next week, pick one area and be intentional about seeking ways to grow. Actively participate in an activity that would promote growth in that area that you may typically struggle in. Journal any thoughts or experiences to share with the group next week.