The Power of ONE Decision | March 5 – 11, 2017

Series Big Idea

The power of ONE church family carrying out ONE vision will allow us to accomplish the ONE mission together.

Message Big Idea

ONE Decision has the power to redirect the course of your life.


Genesis 16:1-16 & 21:1-3

Ice Breaker

Have you ever taken a short cut? How did it turn out?

Bible Discussion

1. Read Genesis 16:1-16 and 21:1-3. What stood out to you? What surprised you?
2. In what ways did Sarai’s short cut work? In what ways did it not work?
3. Summarize this story in your own words. If you were creating a movie trailer based on this story, how would you portray it?

Life Application

4. In what ways have you ever felt let down by God or felt that God was absent?
5. Share a time when you felt like God was faithful and came through for you.
6. Where have you grown or changed through the ONE Initiative?


How could you make God number one in your life this week? Are there ways you could grow or change that could begin today? If you’re comfortable, share with your group one of the ways you could implement change this week.