From Rebellion to Relationship | Oct 21 – Oct 27, 2018

Message Big Idea

“Turn the Page” by coming back to God and committing yourself to live in relationship with him.


Genesis 3:1-24


What’s a book you could read over and over again or a movie you could watch over and over again? Why that book or movie?

Opening Thought

Committing to reading the Bible can be hard because so many of us find the Bible intimidating or confusing or maybe both. However, reading the Bible can lead to continual spiritual growth and is an important part of being a Christ-follower. This series is about helping us explore the Bible in deeper ways. What has been your experience reading the Bible?

Bible Discussion

  1. Read Genesis 3:1-24, what stood out to you or struck you?
  2. Looking at the text, what moments are there where the rebellion of Eve and Adam could have been averted?
  3. Where is relationship broken or where is there tension in this story? In what way is God still moving toward Adam and Eve in relationship? What does that say about God?

Life Application

  1. It’s easy for us to see the disaster coming for Adam and Eve, easy to want to tell them how to keep it from happening, but what are those moments that we could do the same to our past-selves? How can we recognize those in the future?
  2. Adam and Eve heard God’s command yet questioned it later. Can you share a time in your life when you heard from God but later questioned what you’d heard or whether it was even true? What happened as a result of that questioning?
  3. This story is the moment sin enters into the lives of Adam and Eve, their first conscious decision to rebel against God. What were you taught about ‘sin’? Was there a defined list of what is and isn’t sinning?
  4. Read the quote from NT Wright below and discuss how this could change our understanding of what ‘sin’ is. What could expanding the idea of ‘sin’ do to our lives? What would have to change?

Life Application

  1. As we reflect on Celebration Generosity, which of the four teams spoke the most to you? Why is that?
  2. Jesus takes the small amount of food and multiplies it feed the many. In what ways can we have an impact as a church and as a small group together?
  3. In what ways can we engage with these teams in the future?

“Sin is not simply the breaking of a law; it is the missing of an opportunity.” –N.T. Wright


Over the next eleven weeks, we’re going to dive deeply into the Bible, exploring and learning as we go! Commit to engaging with scripture daily through the Turn the Page Bible Experience, either in email form or as a podcast! Then also commit to coming for the whole series – take a chance, a leap, or a next step to see what that could do to turning from rebellion to relationship with God!