From Least to Loved | Dec 23 – Dec 29, 2018

Message Big Idea

“Turn the Page” by embracing your identity as the one Jesus loves.


Luke 2:8-20


What was the one thing you just had to have in high school to be cool?

Opening Thought

Belonging is a fundamental human need as is the desire to know who is and isn’t part of the group. We often clump people into groups and use outward status symbols like clothing or accessories to help us determine those. What was something that you remember marking someone as in?

Bible Discussion

  1. Read Luke 2:8-20, what stood out to you?
  2. Read the story again, where could you see yourself here?
  3. What do you think you need to hold onto out of this story this Christmas season?

Life Application

  1. Identity and self-worth are tied so closely together that to try to separate them is almost impossible. What are some common ways people define their identity?
  2. What have you looked to in the past to define your identity?
  3. The core of our identity is how God sees us, and God sees us as “the one Jesus loves.” How might seeing yourself as “the one Jesus loves” help you change your self-worth?


This Christmas season let’s put away the status symbols and the status-seeking and instead see ourselves as God sees us, as dearly beloved children. We reflect on this time remembering how God became a child, incarnated as fully human and fully-God, to show us a better, deeper way. How can you reflect your true identity and begin to live into what’s already the truth?

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