From Ruined to Restored | Dec 2 – Dec 8, 2018

Message Big Idea

“Turn the Page” by helping to restore God’s dream for the world.


Isaiah 61: 1-7, Jeremiah 17: 7-8


Share your greatest cooking disaster. What happened? Were you able to salvage anything?

Opening Thought

On 15 June 1985, Rembrandt’s 17th-century painting Danaë was attacked in the Hermitage Museum in Russia. A man first threw sulfuric acid on the canvas and then cut it twice with a knife. The entire central part of the composition was virtually destroyed. The restoration took 12 years to complete, and the painting is again on display in Russia. What skills and character traits would you say a restoration expert requires?

Bible Discussion

  1. Read Isaiah 61:1-7. What do you notice?
  2. Count how many words of restoration, release, and renewal are in this passage. Which one resonates most with you?
  3. Read Jeremiah 17:7-8. How does this passage add to your understanding of the “oaks of righteousness” in vs. 3 of Isaiah 61?

Life Application

  1. The Hebrew word for broken in Isaiah 61:1 is shabar, meaning “to burst, break into pieces, wreck, crush, smash; to rend, tear in pieces.” This brokenness isn’t the pain of a minor scrape, but crushing devastation. In what ways has this kind of pain touched your life?
  2. The message of Isaiah is that beauty comes from the ashes. How have you experienced this reality? Is beauty seen only in the rear view mirror, or can it be seen in the moment of our pain?
  3. Throughout the Bible, the oak tree is a symbol of strength and endurance. The strength of these mighty trees does not come from what’s visible above the ground, but from the root system underground. How does walking with God through these “big” things increase your root system? Can you share an example?
  4. Our God is one of restoration, yet often we struggle with the shame of our past. How difficult is it for you to trust and believe in God’s promise of exchanging your shame for joy? How can we be an encouragement to another


“God’s glory and our freedom are inextricably intertwined.” – Louie Giglio. Identify one area in your life that needs restoration and share with your group. Commit to praying Isaiah 61:1-7 over that area this week, submitting the issue to God’s restorative hands. Ask him to bind up what needs healing, set free what needs to be released, and rebuild what has been broken so you can display his splendor.

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