Week 10 | Choose Jesus

Mar 12, 2023

Big Idea

Disciples of Jesus hear from God and do what he says.


Matthew 7:13-29

Opening Questions

  1. What is the difference between knowing many facts about a person and knowing someone personally?
  2. In the final chapter of the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus says we will not stumble into his way; we must enter his way intentionally, like a person choosing to turn off the broad interstate onto a narrow, sometimes bumpy road. In what ways is Jesus’ way a more challenging road?

Bible Discussion

  1. Read Matthew 7:13-29. In the narrow gate section, Jesus is saying if you follow him, you can’t just go with the flow. Often following Jesus is going against the flow. In what ways does the way of Jesus lead us down the path of the most resistance?
  2. Look at verses 15-17. Jesus mentions false prophets. He says to look at their character; he doesn’t even mention the words they are saying. Jesus says to examine the fruit of a person’s life, and then you can discern whether that person should be trusted as a prophetic leader or teacher. Why is the fruit of a person’s life so important?

Life Application

  1. Jesus says that when we follow his way, we are like a person building a house on a rock. What practices of Jesus have made a difference in your life or the lives of others?
  2. Which practices would be the hardest to put into practice in your life?
  3. What practices of Jesus would you like to put into practice over the next year?