A Questionable Life

Series Overview
Live your life in such a way that it causes people to question why…and then tell them! Each week of this series, we will explore questions asked of Jesus during His time on earth; questions coming from both Pharisees and Jesus’ disciples who couldn’t understand why He lived the way He did. Does our life beckon questions from both sinners and saints?

January 4 / Week 1 – A Questionable Life
Big Idea: Are we living our lives in such a way that it causes both sinners and saints to ask “Why?” As we wholeheartedly live out our faith in Jesus, we are challenged to live missionally and then, when asked, share why we live the way we do.

January 11 / Week 2 – Questionable Forgiveness
Big Idea: One of the most significant character traits of a Christ-follower is being forgiving; rather than setting the score, getting even or getting revenge, Christ-followers forgive. And when that happens, people ask why.

January 18 / Week 3 – Questionable Anger
Big Idea: How we respond to injustice reveals our Christ-likeness perhaps more than anything else.

January 25 / Questionable Relationships
Big Idea: The people we engage with, as well as those we avoid and judge, reveal a great deal about our hearts condition. This week we’ll be challenged to build relationships with the same kind of people Jesus engaged.

February 1 / Questionable Behavior
Big Idea: Many times we simply get swept into the same cultural norms as everyone else, whether that be in the church, at school, work, our home, or in “the world.” Jesus challenged everyone’s heart by challenging their practices, asking, “Why do you do what you do?” The church (much like our culture) has a history of focusing on the external, while Jesus focused primarily on the internal. This week we’ll do all we can to get to the heart of our behavior.

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