Centuries before the birth of Jesus, the world was in chaos. Corruption, violence, and instability ruled the day. Yet into the darkness, the Old Testament prophets foretold of one who would bring light. This Christmas, come discover how Jesus’ birth split time in two, and how his presence continues to bring peace, love, and hope today.


Dec 1 – 7 | Week 1 | Micah: A Promise of Peace

Big Idea: Through Jesus we can now experience peace.

Dec 8 – 14 | Week 2 | Isaiah: A Reason for Faith

Big Idea: When life feels uncertain, we don’t have to fear because Jesus is King.

Dec 15 – 21 | Week 3 | Jeremiah: A Vision of Hope

Big Idea: In Jesus, we find hope for the future that changes our present.

Dec 22 – 28 | Week 4 | Malachi: A Sign of Love

Big Idea: Jesus came to show us how much we are loved.