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CIRCLES – JAN 3 – JAN 24, 2016

Series Overview
We’re made for community. Finding and investing in a circle (Small Group) will make a tremendous difference in our lives, our spiritual journeys, and the advancement of the Jesus Mission.

January 3  / Week 1 – Circles are Better Than Rows
Big Idea: We’re made for community. We’re wired for connection. We experience community in a circle. That’s why circles are better than rows.

January 10 / Week 2 – Preventative Circles
Big Idea: All of us will experience times in our life when we need the support and accountability of a circle. Connecting in a circle, a Small Group, is like a retirement account, if you wait, it won’t be there when you need it.

January 17 / Week 3 – Expanding Circles
Big Idea: The Jesus Mission calls every one of us to be intentional about reaching out to include others in our circles.

January 24/ Week 4 – Reproducing Circles
Big Idea: We advance the Jesus Mission when we reproduce circles. That means reproducing Christ-followers, apprentices, small groups, teams, campuses, churches, networks, and movements.