Because Christ is in us, we are to grow, live and love in Christ

This series focuses on the book of Colossians – a letter Paul wrote to the people of Colosse who were teaching that there was a secret society with special knowledge that others didn’t have. Paul confronts this false teaching by holding up the true gospel of Jesus. He wants to make sure the Colossians don’t end up off track from the true gospel of Christ by reminding them of who Jesus is, what he has accomplished, who they are in Christ and how they are to live.

Weekly Discussion Guides

 Aug 2, 2020 | Week 1 | Christ in You

Big Idea: Jesus, Lord of heaven and earth, makes his home in us.

 Aug 9, 2020 | Week 2 | Grow in Christ

Big Idea: Christ is in you…so grow in Christ.

 Aug 16, 2020 | Week 3 | Live in Christ

Big Idea: Christ is in you…so live in Christ.

 Aug 23, 2020 | Week 4 | Love in Christ

Big Idea: Christ is in you…so love as Christ.

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