God wants to free us from the financial anxiety that plagues so many of us.

There is a path to financial freedom where not only can we be free from worry and stress, but where we will experience the joy of generosity. During this series, we’ll encourage and challenge one another to trust God and start moving in that direction

Mar 3 | Week 1 – The Attitude of Trust

Big Idea: God will transform our attitude about money when we choose to trust his wisdom about finances and generosity.

Mar 10 | Week 2 – The Practices of Trust

Big Idea: While we are to trust God to provide for our needs, we honor God by having a plan for the money he entrusts to us. 

Mar 17 | Week 3 – The Journey of Trust

Big Idea: God intends for us to live in an ever-deepening relationship with him where we trust him to provide what we need, and we give back to him to further his mission.