We All Want Meaningful Relationships

Love doesn’t just keep thinking about it, or hoping for it, or planning for it. Love Does. Join us as we explore the active nature of love and learn tangible practices that can impact all of our relationships.

Sept 18, 2016 / Week 1 – Love Speaks
Big Idea: Love is not silent. It expresses itself in meaningful words.

Sept 25, 2016 / Week 2 – Love Serves
Big Idea: Love is not passive. It springs into action.

Oct 2, 2016  / Week 3 – Love Gives
Big Idea: Love is not stingy. It is generous.

Oct 9, 2016  / Week 4 – Love Embraces
Big Idea: Love is not distant. It draws near.

Oct 16, 2016  / Week 5 – Love Takes Time
Big Idea: Love is not hurried. It slows down to connect.