James, the half-brother of Jesus, shares wisdom on how to overcome challenges that can trip us up as Christ-followers and keep us from growing to maturity.

James is the half-brother of Jesus. During Jesus’ ministry, James thought he was nuts. After Jesus’ death and resurrection, he is convinced that his half-brother is God and becomes the key leader of the church in Jerusalem. Ultimately, James is martyred when he refuses to recant his belief that Jesus is God.

June 24 | Wk 1 – Temptation

Big Idea: When it comes to temptation, it’s not an “if” but a “when,” and the key to maturity is how we respond.

July 1 | Wk 2 – Favoritism

Big Idea: Loving all people as ourselves is a mark of maturity.

July 8 | Wk 3 – Words

Big Idea: Our words are powerful and reflect the depth of our maturity.

July 15 | Wk 4 – Pride

Big Idea: Maturity means humbling ourselves and drawing near to the God who draws near to us.

July 22 | Wk 5 – Wealth

Big Idea: When it comes to our maturity, wealth can either be a snare or a tool.


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