Imagine your life as a house with each of its rooms representing different relationships.

The Front Door welcomes in life-giving relationships.
The Bedroom represents the one with whom you long to experience intimacy.
In the Kids’ Room are all the children you know.
Gathered in the Dining Room are those who are or have become family.

We all long for rare and beautiful relationships ​to fill our lives with ​love and ​joy. In this series, we’ll see how God’s wisdom can help us build those relationships.

April 23 / Week 1 – Front Door
Big Idea: Wise boundaries build life-giving relationships.

Apr 30 / Week 2 – Kids’ Room
Big Idea: Understanding children can equip us to help them become all God created them to be.

May 7 / Week 3 – Bedroom
Big Idea: Knowing God’s design builds life-giving intimacy.

May 14 / Week 4 – Dining Room
Big Idea: Truly knowing one another is how we live as the family of God.