What questions are people asking? Where are they turning to get them answered?

Google and YouTube! For this series, we researched the types of questions people are asking online and will address three of them: “Can faith and doubt coexist?”, “Why does God allow suffering?” and “Can I trust the Bible?”

Series Resources

Weekly discussion and resources

Week 1 | August 28, 2022 | Can Faith and Doubt Coesist?

When it comes to “faith and doubt,” the most important word is actually “and.” We need the possibility of doubt to choose faith.

Week 2 | September 4, 2022 | Why Does God Allow Suffering?

While God does not provide the reason for each experience of pain, in Jesus he identified with our suffering. We can find God’s presence and his goodness even in our hardest seasons.

Week 3 | September 11, 2022 | Can I Trust the Bible?

The Bible can be shown to be a reliable document, accurately recorded and transmitted through history, endorsed and authorized by Jesus, and relevant to life in the 21st century.