Life Often Feels Overwhelming

We spend many of our days feeling exhausted, anxious, dissatisfied. We blame much of it on the fast pace of life, the demands of our jobs, and the endless “to do” lists at home. But what if the real problem is inside all of us? What if the chaos comes from a disoriented, distracted, dissatisfied soul?

Join us as we explore practices that can SIMPLIFY our lives and bring peace to our souls.

Sept 17 | Week 1 – Being

Big Idea: We can be freed from the stress of busyness when we take time to simply be with the Creator of our souls.

Sept 24 | Week 2 – Forgiving

Big Idea: We can be freed from our hurt, bitterness, and anger by learning to forgive.

Oct 1 | Week 3 – Giving (Celebration Generosity)

Big Idea: We can be freed from the insatiable desire for “more” by being generous.

Oct 8 | Week 4 – Trusting

Big Idea: We can be freed from our anxiety, worry, and fear when we put our trust in the One who promises to give us peace.

Oct 15 | Week 5 – Living

Big Idea: We can be freed from living for lesser goals, lesser pursuits, lesser purposes by orienting everything in our lives around Jesus and his mission.

Community Weekly