The power of ONE church family carrying out ONE vision will allow us to accomplish the ONE mission together!

During this four-week series, we’ll study the Biblical character of Abraham. Abraham was called to a journey of faith and God promised to make him into a great family that would impact the entire world. As we begin the second year of the ONE Initiative, we’ll look to Abraham to find encouragement and inspiration to continue our own journey of faith. We, too, are a family God wants to use to impact the world. As ONE church, God has given us ONE vision for carrying out the ONE mission. Let’s continue on this journey of faith together believing in the God who is faithful.

Feb 26, 2017 / Week 1 – The Power of ONE Mission
Big Idea: ONE Mission has the power to impact the entire world.
Week 1 Discussion Guide  |  Week 1 Leader Guide

Mar 5, 2017 / Week 2 – The Power of ONE Decision
Big Idea: ONE Decision has the power to redirect the course of your life.
Week 2 Discussion Guide  |  Week 2 Leader Guide

Mar 12, 2017 / Week 3 – The Power of ONE Action
Big Idea: ONE Action has the power to demonstrate your commitment to God.
Week 3 Discussion Guide  |  Week 3 Leader Guide

Mar 19, 2017 / Week 4 – The Power of ONE Family
Big Idea: ONE Family has the power to impact generations to come.
Week 4 Discussion Guide | Week 4 Leader Guide