Are you ready to engage with scripture and make a fresh start? Then join us as for “Turn the Page” as we walk through the Bible from beginning to end!

Each week of this series will focus on a Biblical character, what they experienced and challenge one another to “turn the page” in that area of our lives.

Oct 21 | Wk 1 – From Rebellion to Relationship

Big Idea: “Turn the Page” by coming back to God and committing yourself to live in relationship with him.

Key Story: Adam and Eve disobey God.

Oct 28 | Wk 2 – From Blessed to Blessing

Big Idea: “Turn the Page” by seeing all that you’ve been given as a blessing meant to bless the world.

Key Story: God makes a covenant with Abram.

Nov 3 | Wk 3 – From Striving to Surrendered

Big Idea: “Turn the Page” by surrendering control of your life to God.

Key Story: Jacob and Esau

Nov 11 | Wk 4 – From Fear to Faith

Big Idea: “Turn the Page” by letting go of fear and stepping out to do what God wants to do through you.

Key Story: God calls Moses.

Nov 18 | Wk 5 – From Avoided to Anointed

Big Idea: “Turn the Page” by seeing people the way God sees people.

Key Story: Samuel anoints David

Nov 25 | Wk 6 – From Captive to Courageous

Big Idea: “Turn the Page” by courageously living out my convictions.

Key Story: Daniel in the den of lions

Dec 2 | Wk 7 – From Ruined to Restored

Big Idea: “Turn the Page” by helping to restore God’s dream for the world.

Key Story: Isaiah prophesies about Jesus

Dec 9 | Wk 8 – From Waiting to Wonder

Big Idea: “Turn the Page” by recognizing the everyday wonders of Jesus in our world.

Key Story: The birth of Jesus

Dec 16 | Wk 9 – From Apprehension to Anticipation

Big Idea: “Turn the Page” by allowing the words of Jesus to transform my life.

Key Story: Mary

Dec 23 | Wk 10 – From Least to Loved

Big Idea: “Turn the Page” by embracing your identity as the one Jesus loves.

Key Story: The Shepherds

Dec 30 | Wk 11 – From Endings to Beginnings

Big Idea: “Turn the Page” by letting every aspect of your life reflect the Jesus mission.

Key Story: Pentecost and the early church


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