The metric is simple: the more churches we plant the more opportunity for people to find God. And when people find Jesus at a NewThing church they are not only changed, but their families, and soon the world around them.

NewThing is growing globally. We are training and equipping leaders who have a great passion for starting new networks of reproducing churches, leaders like Anthony Delaney, Leader Pastor of Ivy Church in Manchester, UK.

Six years ago Anthony Delaney came to lead Ivy. Anthony is a a former police officer in the city. When he arrived, the church had a steady group of about 300 attending two morning services in an old church building. He changed the name from “Ivy Cottage” to “Ivy Manchester” and challenged the church to turn itself inside out as they went Out of the cottage and into the city.

Before long many were coming to faith and the church was seeing explosive growth which has not abated. The church now meets in the original old church building, in a pub, in a warehouse and in a movie theater on five screens. In addition, they have plans to plant two new congregations in 2015.

Hundreds have been baptized at Ivy in recent years which no consists of a very diverse group of disciples crossing all social and racial boundaries. But the growth of Ivy hasn’t stopped there.

Most recently Anthony has benefitted from his connection to New Thing. The church is now looking to establish New Thing UK, and they have established connections and coaching relationships with church leaders, emerging and seasoned, across the United Kingdom. Anthony says, “We need prayer, people and pounds to make this happen.”

Anthony and Ivy are truly doing a NEW THING in the United Kingdom and your support of NewThing through Celebration Generosity has allowed us to have an impact!

Through Celebration Generosity, you have a unique opportunity to partner with NewThing and multiply your impact for the Kingdom. Every time we train a leadership resident or start a new church we Reach out to those who are far from God, Restore God’s dream for the world and Reproduce the Jesus Mission in others. By planting reproducing churches, we achieve the Jesus Mission all around the world!

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