Everything we do and every dollar we invest at COMMUNITY is about helping people find their way back to God. Each year, we designate one weekend and give our entire offering away in support of partner initiatives to accomplish the Jesus Mission. We call this weekend Celebration Generosity.

This year, Celebration Generosity will take place on October 24, 2021. We ask you to prayerfully consider how God is asking you to be generous with what he has given you in support of the Celebration Generosity teams:


COMMUNITY has partnered with Philippine Frontline Ministries by supporting their vision of a nationwide network of reproducing churches and ministry centers where education, compassionate ministries that help people in need, and the spiritual development of young people are high-priority concerns.


COMMUNITY has partnered with Compassion International by supporting their efforts of child sponsorship as a way to alleviate poverty, and by furthering their efforts of church planting in Haiti and South America.


NewThing is COMMUNITY’s church planting ministry that exists to plant churches around the world. The organizational framework allows churches to partner with other churches in order to shoulder the work of church planting as a team. Churches are able to share best practices, resources, and create missional movement by planting more churches together.


While this time of social distancing can be overwhelming, let us not forget to do good and share with others (Heb 13:16). The Community Cares initiative has mobilized over a dozen teams in order to reach those in need in our local communities.

Giving will open on October 24, 2021