Compassion International

Releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name. We love God, and we demonstrate our love and live out our faith by extending care to others and living out the meaning of compassion.

Join us for Celebration Generosity 2022

COMMUNITY has partnered with Compassion International by supporting their efforts of child sponsorship as a way to alleviate poverty, and by furthering their efforts of church planting in Haiti and South America.

Church Planting

Through our partnership with Compassion International, COMMUNITY has been able to plant six churches in Haiti and Nicaragua that have Compassion Child Development Centers because of your generosity. Each of these centers enables 200 of the poorest children in the area to receive education, health care, nutrition and spiritual development.

Child Sponsorship

COMMUNITY attenders have sponsored over 1,500 children throughout the history of our partnership. This means that over 1,500 children living in the poorest areas of the world, have access to food, clothing, medical care, education and spiritual development. More importantly, through a relationship focused in letter writing, these children have the opportunity to feel loved and experience the hope that enables them to break the cycle of poverty in their families, community, and country.

Goals for This Year

The Compassion Team’s goal for this year is to plant three Child Survival Projects in Haiti and Nicaragua, giving 40 mothers and their unborn children the opportunity to see their first birthday, enabling them to enter into Compassion International’s sponsorship program. In addition to the three projects that COMMUNITY has already started, this means that COMMUNITY will be responsible for over 200 babies every year growing into healthy, vibrant one-year-olds capable of becoming the catalysts for change in their families, neighborhoods, and countries.