Team NewThing

The Mission: To be a catalyst for movements of reproducing churches

COMMUNITY’s Church Planting Ministry

NewThing exists to partner with church planters all over the world to equip, empower and aid them in planting churches that plant more churches. Through their organizational framework, churches can partner with other churches to shoulder church planting as a team, sharing best practices, resources and creating mission-centered movements around the globe. The team mentality exponentially accelerates the church-planting process, thus helping more and more people around the world find their way back to God.

2022 Goals from Celebration Generosity Funding

As we enter 2022, we have BIG DREAMS as a growing, global movement of reproducing churches. There are three areas we would like to focus our energy: 1) Central & Regional Team Development, 2) Marketing & Communications and 3) Funding & Financial Strategies. It’s a lot for us to work on, but we believe these three areas will help us achieve the BIG DREAMS we have for the next five-ten years.


  • Movements & Networks of churches in all 196 countries on the planet

  • Annual NewThing Gatherings across all nine NewThing Regions

  • Prayerfully moving well beyond our goal of 10,000 NEW churches planted

The Central & Regional Team Development will help us better serve the Regions we’re expanding into such as Oceania, Latin America, and Central Asia, to name a few. This will include bringing a few new staff members on board while also streamlining decision making and implementation. Marketing & Communications will increase our effectiveness in telling the story of what God is doing through NewThing. Funding & Financial Strategies will increase our ability to manage a budget for dozens of countries and raise the appropriate funds to operate as a global organization.

NewThing Chicagoland started as a handful of churches who came together with a vision for how they could do more and better together to reach Chicagoland through church multiplication. That first gathering of friends on mission has now become a movement of 5 networks with over 30 churches who are committed to “catalyze multicultural church-planting networks to transform Chicagoland.” Our vision is for these 5 networks to grow into 8 networks who together collaborate on over 30 new church-planting projects by the end of 2022. Your generosity to NewThing Chicagoland will help more people in more places all over our city find their way back to God!