You’ve experienced a YOU+ conversation, and now you are ready to help someone else create a YOU+ plan.

Leading a YOU+ conversation doesn’t have to be complicated. We have created a step-by-step guide to help you prepare and guide someone else through their own YOU+ conversation. Everything you need to help someone make their own YOU+ plan is below.

STEP 1: Prepare for the YOU+ Conversation

  • Read – The participant will share their YOU+ survey responses with you. You will not be able to facilitate the conversation without these responses, so it is important that you receive them before moving forward. Read and reflect on how what has been shared will help the participant create a YOU+ plan for their discipleship journey for next year.
  • Pray – Spend time in prayer asking that God would provide clarity and direction for the conversation.
  • Schedule – Schedule a time to have the YOU+ conversation. Whether you are meeting in person or online, choose a time and location where you can both be comfortable and fully present. Allow 60-90 minutes for the conversation.

STEP 2: Have the YOU+ Conversation

Having a YOU+ conversation is a bit different than a typical discussion. We’ve designed several resources to help you feel confident to help someone prepare their YOU+ plan.

  • YOU+ Conversation Guide – Questions to help you have an amazing conversation!
  • Living as a 3C Christ-Follower – A resource that guides you through the three connections of a YOU+ life.
  • Keys to the Conversation– Helpful information and suggestions for using the YOU+ Conversation Guide.
  • LEAD – A resource to help you learn how to Listen, Engage, Ask and Discover.

STEP 3: Enter their YOU+ Plan Together

Once you have facilitated a conversation, it’s important to help them take their next step: developing their YOU+ Plan. Before ending the conversation, ask them to open the email they received that morning with a link to enter their YOU+ Plan. After they enter their YOU+ plan next steps they will begin receiving personalized resources and reminders.