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Experience biblical community, grow spiritually and make some friends along the way.

Small groups are one of the key ways we develop a growing relationship with Jesus. Whether you’re a new believer, new to COMMUNITY or are looking to deepen your faith, we have a group for you. Groups meet online, in-person (or a mix of both!) and usually consist of less than 15 people. Not sure where you stand? Begin by choosing the statement below that you best identify with. There is no right or wrong choice – each person’s journey is unique!

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I want to experience biblical community and grow spiritually. »

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If you are new to small groups or exploring your faith, Alpha is a great place to start! The format is simple: we watch a video and then have a group conversation that explores life, spirituality, and faith through a Christian lens. Whether you’re a skeptic, curious about faith, or are a growing Christ-follower, we create a non-judgmental and open environment where it’s easy for anyone to explore the big questions of life together. Be sure to invite a friend!


The Rooted Course is for people who want to find a deeper connection with God. Click below to see any available groups.

Explore Community

Make our mission your mission – to help people find their way back to God. Explore Community is a three-week experience to learn more about COMMUNITY and to help you activate your passion, potential and purpose for the Jesus Mission. Sign up below.

Small Groups

COMMUNITY is a church of small groups – hundreds of them meet online and in-person all over the world! They are led by leaders (just like you!) and each group picks a topic for discussion. If you have a passion for leading others, we’re looking to train new apprentice small group leaders in all of our ministries: kids, students and adults. Fill out our interest form and our ministry leaders will be in contact with you!

Whether you start with Alpha, Rooted or Explore Community, or jump into an apprenticeship, our hope is that you will stay connected beyond those experiences by joining an ongoing small group.

Kids and Students

Great news, we also have groups for kids and students to get connected! Click below for more information.

Looking for more groups?

Featured short-term and support groups available will be listed below.