How to read the bible with your kids

6 Tips Before You Begin

1) Give them a good reason to read the Bible

Often our children need to know the “why” before they can agree to a new activity. It is important that you speak with your child about why it is important to learn God’s word. As parents, we all may have different reasons why reading the Bible is important to us. Make that purpose known to your child so they can be motivated to invest time in the Bible as well.

 2) Establish a routine

Establish a routine for you and your kids. If you are prioritizing reading the Bible for yourself as well as for your kids, your kids will see it as important. Make a consistent time in the day to spend time in The Word. This will help develop a daily habit of reading the Bible.

3) Be realistic

The amount of time or amount of scripture you are able to cover each day needs to be reasonable. Sometimes, your child may not fully grasp what they are reading and it may take a while for them to understand. Be realistic in your expectations of this time for your child.

4) Be systematic

Often, we open the Bible and randomly read a story here or there. Be systematic in your approach to the Bible with your child. Choose a book of the Bible (try starting with the book of John) or pick a theme from the included list of topics to explore a new verse each day.

5) Ask good questions

For younger children, asking questions about “what”, “where”, “when” and “who” can help the child understand the story. As they get older, you can start to ask questions about the meaning or implications of the passages. This will help them form habits of asking their own questions as they read.

6) Ask God for help

It is always a good idea to start and finish Bible reading time with prayer. As you begin ask God to help you and your child gain understanding during your reading time together. At the end of this time, use the passage to frame your prayer time. What in the passage can you turn into praise, a confession, a thanksgiving, or a request?

Referencing Crossway’s Article

Get Started

In order to get started and engage children in reading their Bible, you might try using colored highlighters as a way to interact with The Word in a physical way.

Tools Needed:

  • Three different color highlighters of your choice
  • Bible or printed out Book of John from the Bible

 To begin, find some time for you and your child to sit down and read the scripture (start with the book of John) together. Decide how many pages would be appropriate based on the age of the child and then give them the highlighters. Highlight the following:

  • Color 1: A part of the scripture you love or would like to memorize
  • Color 2: A word or sentence you have a question about
  • Color 3: A part of the scripture you can pray about

Begin with prayer, then dive in! After reading and highlighting the scripture (together or separately based on the age of the child) talk about the sections highlighted and then pray over the scripture together.

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