We look forward to seeing you in Kids’ City!

Why do we have Kids’ City Small Groups?

We believe that Kids’ City small groups are a great place for kids to grow. Through consistent connection, real and meaningful relationships can be formed between the child, their parents, and small group leaders. Signing your child up for a small group gives your child’s small group leader a chance to prepare a place where they belong and are seen, heard, and known. If your family considers COMMUNITY your church home, then you will want to sign your child up to be in a Kids’ City Small Group!

FAQ’s About Kids’ City Small Groups

Do I have to sign up my child every time I attend?

No. Once you are signed up for a group, your child will be included as part of that small group for the school year.

I am not ready to sign my child up for a small group. Will my child have a place in Kids’ City?

Yes! There will always be room for your child and your child will not feel left out in any way.

I signed up for a group but we need to attend a different service this week. Life is busy! Now what?

  • Your child can go to any small group at any location or service time – including online if the need arises. The small group they are signed up for should be the one they attend most of the time in order to build consistent relationships.
  • The small group leader from the group you are signed up for will still care for and connect with you and your child, even when you are not able to attend that week.
  • If your child is signed up for a small group at a location, you will also receive a Zoom link for an online group so they can connect when they can’t attend in-person.

When do Kids’ City small groups meet?

Kids’ City in-person groups meet during Sunday morning services at most of our locations.

I have more than one child, can they attend the same group?

Kids’ City groups are designed for specific age groups. Please be sure to sign your child up for the small group that is appropriate for their age/grade. If your children are in the same age group, then they can be in the same group.

My child benefits from extra support or accommodations. Are they still able to attend Kids’ City?

Yes! We love your kids and want them to be a part of Kids’ City! During this season, we are able to support social, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral needs requiring visual, verbal, and/or physical cues, movement breaks, sensory options, personal space, as well as allergy adaptations. Simply leave a note in the support and accommodations field when signing up your child. We’d love for you to leave contact information so that the Kids’ City Director or Special Needs Coordinator at your location can follow up with you prior to service.

General FAQ’s about Kids’ City

What does my child need to bring to Kids’ City?

  • “Giving back to God” money and/or donation items
  • For infants: Pacifier that is securely attached to your child’s clothing, and a bottle if needed.
  • Masks are optional.

What should my child leave at home?

  • Toys, stuffed animals, blankets
  • Any type of food or drink

Can my child have a snack during Kids’ City?

We will not be able to provide or allow any type of food or drink at this time. Please make sure your child has a snack before you drop them off in Kids’ City.

Health & Safety in Kids’ City

Does my child have to wear a mask?

Masks are optional at this time in Kids’ City.

When to keep your child at home

Your child should be symptom-free of any signs of illness (fever, vomiting or other contagious illnesses) for 24 hours prior to attending Kids’ City in-person. In addition, if your child develops symptoms in Kids’ City, we will move them to our Care Center and page you immediately. All families that have a child in that small group will be notified.

What other precautions does Kids’ City take to keep your child healthy

  • Touched spaces and surfaces will be sanitized in between each service.
  • All toys will be either sanitized or rotated out after services.
  • Supplies such as crayons, markers, and glue will be sanitized or rotated out after every service.
  • Kids will be asked to use hand sanitizer when entering their small group room and when exiting.
  • In addition, kids will be asked to use hand sanitizer whenever they are working on a project or sharing supplies.

The safety of your child is our top priority

  • All staff and volunteers are required to pass a background check and an online safety training prior to being around your kids.
  • Kids’ staff and volunteers are clearly identified with a badge and security is present in kids’ areas.
  • Attenders who do not have children in Kids’ City are not allowed into Kids’ City areas without an escort.
  • Children will be released to those with the proper ID.
  • We have a strict bathroom supervision policy and diaper changing policy for your child’s protection.


If you have any questions or concerns, please email Melissa Heller at melissaheller@communitychristian.org and our team will be in touch!