In-person Service Information

We look forward to seeing your kids in Kids’ City!

Health & Safety

What precautions are we taking to keep kids and volunteers healthy?

  • Kids’ City will have a limited number of reservations for kids each week. This allows for proper social distancing in the hallways and the small group rooms and is based on the number of volunteers we have per room.
  • As we continue to build our Kids’ City volunteer teams to accommodate more children, we will make adjustments to our Kids’ city registration system.
  • Touched spaces and surfaces will be sanitized in between each service.
  • All toys will be either sanitized or rotated out after services.
  • Supplies such as crayons, markers, and glue will be sanitized or rotated out after every service.
  • Kids will be asked to use hand sanitizer when entering their small group room and when exiting.
  • In addition, kids will be asked to use hand sanitizer whenever they are working on a project or sharing supplies.
  • All persons 2 years and older will be required to wear a mask that covers their mouth and nose.
  • If a child is found to be unwell during service, the child will be removed to our care center and their parents will be paged. All families that have a child in that small group will be notified.
  • Praise and worship are an important part of honoring God. Although we will not be able to gather together for Large Group during this season, kids will have other opportunities to worship with instruments, art, journals, and prayer.

Items to Bring & Items to Keep at Home

What should I bring to church when my child attends Kids’ City?

  • A mask for children 2 years and older
  • “Giving back to God” money and/or donation items
  • Pacifier that is securely attached to your Infant or Toddler’s clothing
  • Bottle for Infants (if needed)
  • Please keep your child’s diaper bag with you during service.

What should I leave at home when my child attends Kids’ City?

  • Toys, stuffed animals, etc
  • Any type of food or drink
  • Blankets, favorite toys, etc

Can my child have a snack during Kids’ City?

  • We will not be able to provide or allow any type of food or drink. Please make sure your child has a snack before you drop them off in Kids’ City!

The Reservation Process

How do I make a reservation for my child?

  • The Monday before our first Kids’ City Gathering, you will be able to make a reservation for your child.
  • This will be a different link than the Adult Service Reservation system.
  • The reservation link will be available on the Kids’ City page, the Weekly Page and if you have created an account in our system, you will receive an email.

Do I have to sign my child up every time we want to attend?

  • Yes. All children need to be registered, for every service they plan to attend. Please note that reservations will only be available one week at a time. Registration opens every Monday morning prior to an upcoming Sunday service.

I forgot to register! Can I still bring my child to Kids’ City?

  • You can bring your child to church on Sunday, but we cannot guarantee a spot in Kids’ City for them. When you are checked in, stop by the Kids’ City Welcome area to see if there are open spots left. If there are no available spots, please plan for your child to attend the service with you.

What do I do if service reservations are full? 

  • Continue to participate in your child’s online Kids’ City small group. If your child is not signed up for online groups, you can sign them up here.
  • Contact the director from your location and let them know you are looking for a spot. They may have a unique solution at their location that can help you.

I have three kids – can they all attend the same small group?

  • Kids’ City is best for kids when they attend the small group for their specific age group. Please be sure to reserve a spot for each child in the appropriate small group for their age/grade.

My child benefits from extra support or accommodations. Are they still able to attend Kids’ City?

  • Yes, we love your kids and want them to be a part of Kids’ City! During this season, we are able to support social, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral needs requiring visual, verbal, and/or physical cues, movement breaks, sensory options, personal space, as well as allergy adaptations. Simply leave a note in the support and accommodations field when registering your child. We’d love for you to leave contact information so that the Kids’ City Director or Special Needs Coordinator at your location can follow up with you prior to service.

If I am a volunteer in Kids’ City should I still register my child?

  • Yes! All kids will need to be accounted for in our space and capacity considerations.

If I am a volunteer in Kids’ City, should I register myself?

  • No, you do not have to register for the service you are contributing. But, you will need to be sure to register for the service you plan to attend.

Stay Informed

You will receive more information about service times, registering to attend, safety protocols specific to your location from your Community Pastor and Kids’ City Director. Sign up for weekly emails by providing us/updating your email. To do that, be sure to create your COMMUNITY Account here

Join a Kids’ City Team

If you are not currently serving on a Kids’ City team but would like to, simply click below and one of our Staff Team members will reach out to you about where and how you can be a part of a location team.


If you have any questions or concerns, please email and our team will be in touch!